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The YAK110: next Generation Jet Powered Aerobatic Aircraft!
Where Russian military hardware meets American engineering. On the ground or in the sky the YAK110 delivers the thrills of a P38 with the unmistakable Rush and Roar of a Jet Engine...

The YAK110 Team
- Jeff Boerboon: after fifteen years envisioning the concept, he assembled the Dream Team to turn the YAK110 from Vision to Reality. Owner of the Red Yak55
- Eddie Saurenman: within the deep engineering experience of Aero Works, the key aircraft structures were designed, developed and produced
- Dell Coller: a veteran builder of Jet/Propeller airshow aircraft. Under his skilled hands and watchful eye the YAK110 took shape … and flight
- Chad Bartee: an aerobatic pilot, entrepreneur and aviation enthusiast. He brought forward his knowledge of process, project management and capital to guide the building process to success. Owner of the Blue Yak55

Photos credits : Yak110.com

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