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Mike Goulian doesn’t just fly an air show; he attacks it. Millions of air show spectators around the globe have witnessed the ferocity of a Mike Goulian air show performance. Every roll, pull, and tumble of his flight is a deliberate execution of precision. With his aggressive approach to the air show arena, Mike Goulian has mastered the ability to convey his message of passion through flight. He is also a contender in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship. There he competes in the prestigious Master Class, flying at exotic venues in front of millions of people around the world. Despite Mike’s successes he remains humble and accessible to organizers and fans alike. This rare combination has made Mike Goulian an unforgettable air show favorite.

Honours: Bill Barber Showmanship Award, ICAS Sword of Excellence, Art Scholl Memorial Showmanship Award

Source: www.mikegoulian.com

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Facebook : @GoulianAeropsorts
Twitter : @mikegoulian
Instagram : @mike_goulian