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Aarron Deliu is an Australian Aerobatic and Business Jet pilot. Born in Perth Western Australia, Aarron Deliu took his first flying lesson in Gliders at the age of 15, after being inspired by a Pilot at a careers day. At 18 years old Aarron obtained a Commercial Pilot Licence and joined the airlines flying Fokker 50’s and Boeing 767’s. After several years in the Airlines Aarron moved into the Business Aviation sector. He became a Captain flying Citations and Bombardier Business Jets at the age of 24 and is presently flying the Bombardier Global 6000 all over the world.

His Aerobatic career really started to take off in 2018 when Aarron participated in his first International aerobatic competition, The Danubia Aerobatic Competition in Romania. Aarron placed 1st across all flights and overall, becoming the 1st Australian to win an international aerobatics competition. Following this competition, Aarron also became the 2018 Australian Advanced Aerobatic Champion.

Aarron has placed his Aircraft in Europe and is focusing on International Competitions and Airshows. He is promoting his passion in Aviation and attempting to inspire the next generation of pilots through Air shows, Social Media and Key Note speaking.

If you would like to book Aarron for an upcoming airshow, key note speech or sponsor and/or collaborate with Aarron on future marketing campaigns, please contact us at:


Age: 34
Total Flying Hours: Over 6000
Number of Aircraft types flown: Over 63