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MARTIN GRAEF Aerobatic Eagle
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Martin Graef started flying during his frist year of medical school in Marburg. It all began on a remote glider strip in the center of Germany (Amöneburg). Soon all weekends were occupied and he could build up more than 2000h of flying gliders in the alps and during competition. He took part in many national contests and achieved top rankings.
Follwing an episode of serious triathlon, with participation in the mayor IRONMAN events in Hawaii, Frankfurt and Roth, Martin again focussed on airsports.
Since 2016 Martin trains regularily aerobatics in his the marvellos Christen Eagle II. With Klaus Schrodt (two times world champion freestyle) he is happy with a fantastic trainer. In 2017 Martin won the GERMAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP in the Sportsman Class on his first participation.
Martin is a passionate physician. His specialisation is interventional cardiology. He also is a senior Aeromedical Examiner (AME) for Pilots of the European Union and for the FAA.
Martin enjoys to perform at airshows, and appreciates the opportunity to spread the magic of aviation.

Martin flies a Christen eagle and an Extra 300S .
His Christen Eagle II was built in 1986. It has a steel frame fuselage with wood wing spars and fabric covered wings and tail surfaces. It was fully overhauled in 2014 and 2015.It is powered by a Lycoming AEIO360 producing 210 HP and turning a three blade MT aerobatic propeller.The Eagle’s is a fully certifed for all aerobatic maneuvers and has G limits of +7 to -5 G`s
His Extra 300S is a single-seat aerobatic monoplane build for Unlimited Category Competition. It was designed and build by Walter Extra, an award-winning German aerobatic pilot. The Extra 300S has a welded steel tube fuselage covered in aluminium and fabric. The wing has a carbon fiber composite spar and carbon composite skins. A symmetrical airfoil, mounted with a zero angle of incidence, provides equal performance in both upright and inverted flight. The engine is a fuel-injected Lycoming AEIO-540 which produces 300 horsepower (224 kW). The Extra 300S has G limits of +10 to -10 G`s with a ultimate load of more than 24 G`s. Its rollrates of around 400 degrees per second are incredible.

Source & photos credits: Aerobatic eagle

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