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Steven Bennett was bitten by the aviation bug right out of high school, and decided to pursue his dream of flying. He earned his BS in Aeronautical Science from Embry Riddle, and then became a flight instructor for the university.

Steve has been a professional pilot for more than 30 years. For the last 27 years, he has worked as an airline pilot for Horizon Air, which is an affiliate of Alaska Air Group.
He has more than 19,000 flight hours between his professional and personal flying.
In 2006, Steve became interested in aerobatic flying. To pursue that interest, Steve joined a small group of pilots in a flying club. This airplane was what Steve first used to learn to do aerobatic maneuvers.
Steve’s aerobatic abilities quickly advanced, and he soon outgrew the flying club. He then purchased his first solely owned airplane.
Steve began competing in IAC aerobatic competition events in August 2012. He has consistently placed among the top fliers at every event he has competed in.

Steve’s current airplane is a Christen Eagle. A relative to the well-known Pitts aircraft, the Eagle has a more streamlined design, a roomier cockpit, and better visibility for the pilot. This plane is loved by pilots for its responsive handling. Though Steve purchased his Eagle already built, the Christen Eagle was designed by Frank Christensen as a home-built airplane. After purchasing a kit for an Eagle, the builder is supplied with step by step instructions and manuals full of illustrations to guide them through the lengthy process of building their own Christen Eagle aircraft. The Eagle is easily recognized and admired for its beautiful feathered paint scheme. The Christen Eagle first flew in 1977.

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