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Darnell Racing Enterprises owns and operates THREE of the fastest Jet Trucks on the planet! Our newest truck, SHOCKWAVE actually holds the Guiness Book world record for fastest Jet Truck in the world! These Jet Trucks put on an incredible fire and smoke show followed by a blistering 375 MPH speed run down the runway at air shows. We also perform at drag races across North America!

The original Flash Fire Jet Truck is a Chevrolet S10 driven by owner Neal Darnell. Flash Fire II is our full size Dodge Jet Truck. The newest acquisition to Darnell Racing Enterprises, Inc & Flash Fire Jet Trucks is the world famous SHOCKWAVE Jet Truck which is a triple jet engine Peterbilt Semi! Driving duties are shared between a father and son team, Chris Darnell & Neal Darnell.

Source: www.shockwavejettruck.com
Photo courtesy: Yuma Air Show

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