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Dauphin AS365: start-up takeoff & landings

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Dauphin AS365: start-up takeoff & landings
Watch and listen to this bright yellow Eurocopter which is now Airbus Helicopters AS365 Dauphin helicopter power up and take off from a park field.  This video shows a great side shot of the Fenestron tail rotor system which is a shrouded tail rotor system.  No music in this video so you can hear the power of the turbine system.  Next we get to see footage from a boat shooting up at the Dauphin helicopter as the winch operator is looking down on the camera position.  Also included in this video montage of a SA 365 C3 Dauphin  helicopter is a great fly-over and a turn as a Dauphin comes to a landing in a filed in a nice neighborhood in the U.K.  Watch as the helicopter settles in to its landing gear wheels and settles.  Then watch this same AS365 depart and do a pedal turn in to the wind.  This maneuver gives us a great view of how the helicopter while hovering is slanted to the right.  It powers straight up.  Lastly we see a United States Coast Guard helicopter perform a complete 360 on the ground as it taxis and then does a nice and slow pick up and transition to forward flight.  We then see this same United States Coast Guard Dauphin do a high speed pass from left to right for an amazed audience at an air show as well as a steady hover and basket retrieval.  As this video closes we see a very slow ground taxi with a great side shot up-close of the Fenestron tail rotor system and another 180 degree pedal turn.

Video courtesy: Heli PadUSA