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The Tecnam P2002 JF is a low wing, two place, single engine airplane equipped with tricycle landing gear
The P2002JF is a two-seater side by side, low wing aircraft. The P2002JF features superlative performance and flying qualities, now confirmed by hundreds of P2002 ultralights, Light Sport and VLA aircraft sold throughout the world and validated in 15 countries other than Europe. The ease of piloting and maintenance make this aircraft an excellent solution for training in flight schools. It is also an ideal platform for surveillance and as well as, of course, for pure recreational and private use.

General characteristics

Length: 22,1 ft
Wingspan: 28,2 ft
Lower wingspan:
Height: 8,2 ft
Empty weight: 838 lb
Maximum weight: 1367 lb
Powerplant: Rotax 912 S2/S3 98 HP
Maximum cruise: 122 kts
Range: 568 nm
Service ceiling: 14 000 ft
Rate of climb: 874 ft/min

Source: Tecnam
Photos credits: Spot'Air

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