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The PC-9 M has established itself as the leader amongst military trainers in its class. The PC-9 M is popular with instructors on account of its broad training spectrum, modern cockpit environment, agility and engine performance. Besides a substantially more powerful engine than the PC-7 MkII, the PC-9 M also features a new wing profile, ejection seats and state-of-the-art glass cockpit with head-up displays. The PC-9 M is an ideal and proven training aircraft for air forces around the world.

Take-Off Distance Over 50 ft Obstacle: 1,300 ft
Landing Distance Over 50 ft Obstacle: 2,255 ft
Max Rate of Climb: 3,880 ft/min
Max Cruise Speed (Vh): 271 KTAS
Max Horizontal Speed (Vh) at 10,000 ft: 298 KTAS
G Loads Aerobatic (With landing gear up and locked or down and locked): + 7.0 g | - 3.5 g
G Loads Utility (With landing gear up and locked or down and locked): + 4.5 g | - 2.25 g

Source: Pilatus
Photos credits: Spot'Air

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