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The AIRBUS MILITARY HC-144 Ocean Sentry is a medium-range, twin-engined turboprop aircraft used by the United States Coast Guard in the search-and-rescue and maritime patrol missions. Based on the Airbus Military CN-235 it was procured as a "Medium Range Surveillance Aircraft." The HC-144 is supplied by Airbus Group, Inc formerly EADS North America and is built in Spain by Airbus Military. 

Intended to replace the Dassault HU-25 Guardian jet, the HC-144A Ocean Sentry is part of the Coast Guard’s Integrated Deepwater System Program of recapitalization and new-asset acquisition. Based on the CN-235-300 MP Persuader, the maritime patrol version of the CN-235 military transport, the HC-144 offers a longer endurance than the HU-25 it is replacing in U.S. Coast Guard service, as well as better performance in the low-level observation role.

The HC-144A has an eight-hour endurance, which makes it suited for the command and control and search and rescue roles. Its rear ramp provides for transport of standard cargo pallets. It also features short takeoff and landing capability.

General characteristics

Crew: six
Length: 70 ft 3 in (21.41 m)
Wingspan: 84 ft 8 in (25.81 m)
Height: 26 ft 10 in (8.18 m)
Wing area: 636 sq ft (59.1 m2)
Empty weight: 21,605 lb (9,800 kg)
Max takeoff weight: 36,380 lb (16,502 kg)
Powerplant: 2 × General Electric CT7 turboprop, 1,870 shp (1,390 kW) each


Maximum speed: 272 mph; 437 km/h (236 kn)
Range: 1,801 mi; 2,898 km (1,565 nmi)
Endurance: 8.7 hours

Source: Wikipedia
Photo courtesy: US Navy, avionslegendaires.net