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From a pilot's point of view, the P-51 Mustang is an incredible aircraft. From a historical standpoint, the Mustang's legendary status is known throughout the world of aviation and its extraordinary history and achievements will always be remembered. Sadly, of the over 15,000 ofMustangs originally manufactured, les than 175 exist in flying condition today throughout the world. 

General characteristics

Wingspan: 37' 0"
Lenght: 32' 2"
Height: 13' 8"
Weight: 12,300 lbs
Autonomy / Fuel capacity: 184 imp. gal. internal, provision for two 62.5 gal. drop tanks
Range: 2,080 miles with two 110 gal. drop tanks
Maximum speed: 505 mph
Ceiling: 41,900
Arnament: 6 X .50 caliber Browning machine guns, 2 with 270 rounds per gun, 4 with 400 rounds per gun  

Source: www.stallion51.com
Photo courtesy: Yuma Air Show

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